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Important Announcement

Dear Users,

We hope this announcement finds you well. We wanted to inform you about an unforeseen incident concerning the availability of Sketchub on the Google Play Store. A few hours ago, we received a notification from Google stating that Sketchub has been removed from the Play Store.

Rest assured, our team is actively working to resolve this matter as swiftly as possible. However, we anticipate that it may take a few days to navigate through the necessary processes and bring Sketchub back to the Play Store.

We want to emphasize that if you have already downloaded Sketchub, this situation does not affect you in any way. You will still be able to use Sketchub App with all the features and benefits of our app without interruption. However, for those who haven't yet downloaded Sketchub, we regret to inform you that it will not be available for download from the Play Store until this issue is fully resolved.

We understand the inconvenience this may cause, and we sincerely apologize for any frustration or disruption caused. To stay updated on the progress of this matter, we encourage you to visit our forum by clicking on the following link:

Our team is committed to providing you with a seamless Sketchub experience, and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. We will keep you informed of any developments regarding the availability of Sketchub on the Play Store.

Thank you for your continued support and for being part of the Sketchub community. We value your creativity and look forward to bringing you an even better Sketchub experience in the future.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team via the forum.

Best regards, The Sketchub Team

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If you are interested for being Sketchub moderator, sign up over here:


Form will be closed on 25th July, 2022

Sketchub team's monthly scoreboard

🥇 TheLabScientist (6) 🥈 Jetrom (5.5) 🥉 TheSketchubUser (4)

  1. Smith (3.5)
  2. Axhyre (3)
  3. OneCodeStudio (2.5)
  4. SUREN (2.5)
  5. XP_Mahdii (2)
  6. baby_dev (1.5)
  7. ySTACK (1)
  8. HEVO-TEAM (1)

What is this? It is monthly scoreboard that represents which team member has been most active in terms of moderation in Sketchub. Super Active = 8 Active = 6 Average = 4.5


Sketchub is now on twitter:

Updated User Policy

Updated Sketchub User Policy:

  • Please do not upload non-compilable resource alone or force users to install them, that includes APK, AAB and EXE.
  • Dont confuse it with app store or project stores, they are still allowed.


APKs are no longer supported

As announced 2 months ago, today the APK support has been removed. Hence you won't be able to upload any APK on Sketchub. Moreover all existing APKs has been unpublished.

If you have uploaded any APKs, you will able to access in your profile. Learn more at PS: We might come with another decision that might favor APK publishers later.

CodeAssist is now on play store!

What is CodeAssist?

It is an open-source and powerful Android IDE to make apps with java and kotlin support.

Trending Projects in 2021

Video Link:


We are sorry to announce that APKs will no longer be supported after 31st December, 2021. Hence you won't be able to upload/download any APK through Sketchub after the update. Read more at

Sketchub turns 3 Years old today!! 🎉

Sketchub turns 3 Years old today!! 🎉 Thanks to each and everyone who supported us till now! Whether as Team member or as an user you all are a precious part of our family ❤️ Please keep supporting us in the future as well and we'll continue to serve you with greatness :)

Changes in the user policy

  • Fake card generators are no longer allowed.
  • Projects with more than 10 compile error (especially Sketchware ones) will be unpublished from Sketchub


User badges

Changes in the rules.

Hi everyone, sorry for being inactive in this regard. The religion related projects are now ALLOWED.

Q.Why it was not allowed before?

  • We received alot of reports that includes misleading messages and comments between two communities
  • Risks of personal attacks to the team upon unpublishing such projects because of other reasons.
  • Some people may feel being dominant and may tend to upload something inappropriate to create conflicts.
  • Some people were using ISI logos and it was getting reported saying its terrorism logo. It really confused what to do.

Why it is now allowed?

  • We were not expecting reactive and negative feedback from some users, they started to claim us as racist and created campaigns to uninstall the app among their communities.

Disclaimer:- We have attached a screenshot for those people who have spread false news about Sketchub being racist to muslims brotherhood (

Again, we are not against any particular community as per claimed by some individuals. It was just an unsuccessful approach to suppress racism. Sorry for the inconveniences

Visit for reading more rules.

Sketchub v3.0!

Some important changes in rules:

  1. Sketchware Pro projects are now fully supported in this version. However, they must be labelled as a Sketchware Pro project in the project type selection when uploading your project.
  2. Most of the rules are now written over here:

Some information on reports for projects and comments

We've been receiving a lot of reports lately. We get every single on, so don't try to spam reporting, as that may only result in a ban.

  • If you are submitting a copyright report, please include enough information to prove your point, not just "stole my project". We are all volunteers, and will not got out of our way if you don't give us enough information. Try to include with your report: Enough information, proof you own the project, and your email (or you can reply the the automatic email sent when you report a project. All admins have access to that email).
  • If you find a project with invalid title, description, icon, or screenshots: We try our best to enforce the rules, however with the amount of projects being uploaded and that, once again, we are all volunteers, we may miss some violations. We'll try to investigate these reports, however they aren't our highest priority.
  • Comments: We try to moderate comments, but we don't have a comment feed, so we have to go into each project and check each comment. Needless to say, with the amount of projects being uploaded, we can't check every comment. If someone comments something and it's breaking the T&C, feel free to report it and we'll get to it as soon as we can. Cursing and threats are never allowed on Sketchub. And once again, at this time, projects made using Sketchware mods are still NOT allowed on Sketchub, we are preparing to make it available.

Top 10 Sketchware Projects on Sketchub

Sketchub Community Forums is now available, You may post your Sketchub related doubts or discussion here.

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We have two communities on different platforms:

Changes in the server

Before now, when you update your project, it would be visible at top in the app. But after recent changes, you can still update your project anytime, but it will only come to top after 3 days Reason: Some guys were fake updating their projects to keep them on top.


Please avoid this type of posts like "code will be available if this post gets 20 likes and 10 comments" . If you want to make your project open source, just leave it here for everyone's use, you will automatically get true likes from them. Upcoming such type of posts will be removed. Thank you for attention.

Trademark logos are not allowed

Since Sketchub is on Play Store, the posts having trademark logo will not be accepted. It will be either rejected or made "private" with notification.

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