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Tank Destroyers' Forest Attack! [26.11.23]


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• New Items : Burger Swirl Gift , Cuteness Collectable , Medal Collectable , Research Certificate , Keys Exchange System

• If YOU WANT TO OPEN CRATES / GIFT BOXES , Click on Simple Shop Icon and Claim your free GIFT ( 2023 PACK ! )



☆ Welcome to TDFA ☆ Tank Destroyers' Forest Attack ! Join the fully loaded and extra featured game. The features of game :- 1.Gems , EXP and Gold 2.Various game modes 3.Online Bonus codes , News with images , Events and game modes 4.Premium time 5.Secret Base 6.Upgrades 7.Gems and Coin Shop 8.Storage items 9.Settings 10.Enhanced Tracks moving and stopable 11.Provisions 12.Level Ups and Ranks 13.Battle Results 14.Master Tanker award 15.Profile 16.Backup and Restore 17.Restore last got tank 18.Cammos 19.Cammo Filters 20.Level up rewards 21.Evented Tanks Sell And Get 22.Total 14 Storage items 23.Crate opening animation for W.F. Crates 24.Daily Enter Rewards 25.Reset and Edit profile 26.Coin help each other (via : Bluetooth) 27.Compensation for same items from crates 28.More than 16 Tanks 29.Online remoted retrieving offers and deals 30.3New tanks 31.Enhanced ground setting MORE Credits :- Made by me alone in original Sketchware Copied images :- Some images are copied in this project but these images have right that they can be copied. Thanks to their creators. Inspired from WoT Blitz

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(@here campaign removed due to new battle mechanism)

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