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ZamOx (Music Player) - Version 0.2 Alpha

ZamOx stands out as a meticulously crafted music player by Amos Bro, with open arms for contributions to further enrich its capabilities.


  • Impeccable UI: Enjoy a seamless user experience with a sleek and intuitive interface.
  • SDK 34 Compatibility: Engineered to seamlessly integrate with the latest Android technologies.
  • Compiled with D8, Java 10: Leveraging cutting-edge development tools for optimal performance.
  • Compatibility Across Android Versions: ZamOx operates well on higher Android versions, ensuring accessibility for a wide user base.
  • Fully Free for All Projects: Access all functionalities without any cost barriers, making ZamOx an inclusive choice for developers.
  • Firebase Linked: Music is played by link sent through firebase.

Blocks Link:

  • Explore additional assets and functionalities through the provided blocks link.

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UI Inspiration: ArmanMohamed

Something Important: If I used your code, or I didn't gave you credits for something, please message me on my telegram.

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