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Version: 5.0.1 (10) • App Name changed - CodeXYZ (Religious Reasons); • Minor interface change; • HTML Console enhanced and new tools; • App renamed (I changed for the Reason of religion); • Fading edges on some scrollable widgets.



Hello! Thanks for trying the project! This is a simple text or code editor.

I also apologize to all of you who are not happy that I changed the app name but for religious reasons I had to change the name of the app (Project)! <:(

The project is still under development and I want to inform you that other inconveniences will happen!

⚠ Crashing is possible sometimes! ⚠ You may encounter graphics errors. ⚠ It may not work properly in older Android versions (below 8.1)!

Hold on!

Before using the project, please ensure the following:

  • Make sure you have Sketchware MOD;
  • And we recommend that you have the latest version 6.4.0 Test build 5;
  • Arabware's blocks are essential too!

Legacy version (4.3.1):

Not all materials or code snippets belong to me! There may be errors! For contact: [email protected]

We will make regular updates!

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