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War Silhouttes [20.03.24]


What's new

• EconomicBoosters mechanism • Updated battle result screen • 25 New tanks for Silver • 30+ Quests recieve on spl. days and one beginner quest • Offer: Golden fortune! ...etc. It Can run on Original Sketchware also



A full fledge War game ! Controll your war silhoutte packed with equipments and customized with one of 1000000000 Colour varients! || at the battlefield bounce enemy bullets ! Choose your ammo and hunt your living enemy ! Grab free gold for first time and step in store , purchase containers and more , which may include tank certificate for a guarenteed tank i.e. a New One ! Three currencies - gold , silver and bronze ! XP and MegaXP - 24 Kinds of Storage items and Largest store includes collectables and more , containers and more , gifts and more , silver and more , Easter eggs and more - Open 15 Easter eggs to get a Gold BOX II For sure and sure Use XP to level up tanks and MegaXP to level them up instantly : its not all : two kinds of shells - HE and AP , AP : use for free , HE : you need to spend bronze ! If you purchased something it went in your storage and if not able to find even in storage scroll down the screen , collect or exchange collectables - claim lootboxes for battles , Victory ~ 2 × Level , Defeat ~ 1 × Level. Container System boasts chances ! More the reward less the chance || Play now || On every Christmas , you'll get choice of gifts !

9March,2024 : .swb file (Google Drive) link : (clickable link in comments)

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