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Another big update! Version 19 is here with new features and improvements. The version may take a while to restore/build, so please be patient. You can read the change log in the app or by opening this link:



App Designer is a powerful tool which helps you develop apps much easier. It has lots of useful tools, including designing tools for designing activities or certain views and developer tools.

The app's main feature is to generate source code for you. You can open a designing tool, enable or change what options you want and then generate the source code. The code generation is instant, so you're not wasting precious time. Also, you can preview in real time what are you doing.

Regarding developer tools, the app has a java codes list powered by CodeHive, which has many code snippets inside it. Also, there is a personal code snippets list where you can save your own code snippets.

Don't know what color do you want to use somewhere in your app? We've covered you. The app also has a color list with many colors to choose from. There is also an Android API Level List for helping you which Android version has a specific API level or which API level has your Android version.

The app supports both vanilla Sketchware and Sketchware Pro. Also, App Designer works without a network connection, so you don't have to worry if your network connection is down.

What are you waiting for? Try App Designer now!

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