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Introducing Lucky Draw spinner 🥰🤯🤩🥳

Note: This project is not supportive to official sketchware anymore

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Hello Guys!! This is the complete project of daily reward, you guys requested it soo much finally you got it.

  • Now it store the coins data in symbols (which'll help to protect coins from hacking by rooted device, like game gaurdian ..etc)
  • Shared preference Key: COIN (where the coins value is)
  • The data is stored in following symbols: 0~9⤵️


• This project is created by original sketchware. • No copyright assets (icon coin & pot icon illustration.. etc) has been used, I always create every single thing by my self. DM here for prove • Kindly give me credit if you use any of my content, The UI, Color Plates and illustration are copyrighted © to @Blockware - Rahim • This project may look easy but there are very complicated algorithms are used (also the UI).

You can make it more powerful by linking it with firebase and google time api key for everything online. it can be used to create earning app, coins claim app, claim reward apps etc..

Kindly see the whole project how it works. stay blessed 💜 and keep loving!! My links:

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